The Tale of the Whale Northwest Coast Native Art and Antiques

Welcome to the Tale of the Whale. The name came from a Tshimsian tale of a white wolf who became a killer whale:

  • Legend has it that Orca used to be a White Wolf. White Wolf was unhappy with his form because he needed to sing the history of the world and in order to do so he needed to go below the great water. White Wolf went deep below the ocean and turned into a Whale, and to remind himself that he used to be a member of Wolf's family, Mother Earth painted white markings on his sides.
It also helps to explain why Orca Whales travel and hunt in packs, and stay together their entire lifetimes.

We feature fine Native Art from the coastal area of the great northwest of the United States and Canada. . All the art is authentic, so please browse our site and enjoy a lifetime collection of art and antiques.

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